Saturday, January 26, 2008

A good person or a growing Christian

A good person who goes to church or a growing Christian
what does it mean to be a good person?
what does it mean to be a growing Christian?
which category do you fall in?
Look at that person you are dating, your future partner, spouse, which one are they?
Are they the same, if not, what makes them different?

I'll be back later this week with my opinion on this, but would love to hear your opinions.

Monday, January 14, 2008

He got me going gooo goo gaaa gaaa

Happy New Yr
2008 =A new level
A new season
An eternal platform
I dont love God, I am madly IN love with Him. In love of just the magnitude of who He is, and His majestic presence. Nothing else matters anymore, He isnt just my greatest need, He is my ONLY need. In Him I have found life, meaning, peace and joy. All the while I am gazing in awe at His beauty, He still chooses to be my Jehovah Jireh, my Jehovah Nissi, El-Shaddhai...He is more than enough for me! Every day tears roll down my face as I give Him praise, and at His miraculous ways. My friend God is God no matter what you are going through, He is still God, ALL by Himself. He is God, He makes no mistakes, no coincidences, He sees your future, saw your past, and is your present.
2007 ended on a somewhat sad note for people I know, several deaths, significant life events that happen that remind us of our temporary existence here on earth. During these times its easy to forget who God is, and what we mean to Him...His children.
I love my earthly father, as a kid He was my hero, I mean I thought my dad was a giant till I got older, and realized he was just 6'1. Whenever he came back, we would run out, and no matter how tired or exhausted he was, he would carry us on his shoulders, or give us piggy back rides. We were too caught up in our excitement to even consider him, and he was too caught up in trying to be the source of our excitement that he never once yelled at us for jumping on him. Throughout my life, my father has always been there, and that always gave us comfort, we always knew that we would never roam the streets naked because he would strip himself first before seeing us hurt and put to shame. Now as an adult, even when I have a cold, it is a big concern to my father, and thats a delight to still see, a genuine concern to make everything 100% right. My dad doesnt love me for what I do for him, he loves me for simply being, for existing, and smiling every day.
When I see that, I think wow Daddy is human and is still able to do all this, how much more so GOD. I would crawl into a cave and cover myself up if I ever brought shame and disappointed my earthly father, how much more so GOD. My father provided for me, but there is only so much He can do, He cant give me air to breathe, He cant control the germs that are in the air or carry me on his shoulders forever, he cant fulfill ALL my hearts desires but GOD alone can.

Madly in love with you
you you you ALL you
GOD is madly in love with me, with you...
the thought of you hurting just breaks His heart
It is His will for you to smile and see the abundance that He has given you as Jehovah Jireh.
His will for you to claim the victory He fought hard and long for you as Jehovah Nissi
To clothe yourself in the garments of righteousness that only Jehovah Tsikhenu can give you
To let the peace from Jehovah Salom dwell in you so you do not worry about anything
The many names of God, He wants to be everything to you, to give you everything, to lift you on His shoulders, to give you piggy back rides of fun ALL day. What is it that you desire? wisdom? understanding? peace? wealth? life? soul mate? new car? debts paid? nothing that is important to you is insignificant in His eyes, only remember that He is GOD!

In 2007 I realized loving GOD wasnt enough, in 2008 I decided I have no other choice but to be Madly in love with Him. He is already taking me on a ride of my life, placing things in my path, letting me meet others who are so crazy about Him, letting me see the signs and wonders that Jesus performed manifesting itself as a reality in my life.

He'll give you the master key to life (the abundant LIFE) if you give Him the master key to your heart and fall madly in love with Him.