Saturday, May 12, 2007

The key ingredients to success

I stumbled across Proverbs 31 and I found out everything I ever need to know as a woman. If I ever accomplish even half of that, my husband will be proud to call me his wife and my children will speak volumes about their great mother.

Which brings me to another point, do you really know who you are, can you really say that? What is your blueprint in life, what are your guiding principles, do you ever think you will be able to follow them successfully?
What is your passion? what is the source of your passion? What is the fuel for that passion? In what ways do you recharge that passion?
What is your vision in life? when you look in the mirror what do you see? are you truly happy with what you see?
Do you have the wisdom needed to fully comprehend that which u see?
Look deeper again in that mirror, picture yourself in another yr, 3yrs, 5yrs, 10yrs, what should be your reflection?

If you can successfully answer these questions, you are steps ahead from most.
As for me, my faith and hope makes me whole. My blueprint in life is the Bible, my guiding principles stem from that. My passion is to find and do God's purpose for my life, my source is His Holy Spirit within me, which directs my daily steps. I'm only human, and exist in my external environment, when I get tired, and society tries to interfere, I turn back to my source, and humbly plead for His strength. My vision is to do what I can to acknowledge His name. I am on my way to becoming a physician, and will only serve as a medium so that others can praise His name, and see that He is good. When I look in the mirror, I dont see myself, I see the woman He has called me to be, and I am happy. With each passing min, I get closer to being that woman, the one that others call supernatural, the one who appears to the worldly mind as High and Mighty. Everyday I pray that He enables me to see the ability of that spiritual wisdom which He has given to me.
Dont let life catch you running around aimlessly, the world will catch up with you. I create my own world within that which I live in. By doing that, I get to enjoy the goodness of God even in the land of the living. I will be that woman who you look up to and wonder, how did she do it? and I will tell you 3,5,10yrs down the line, exactly what I am telling you now.


These are the key ingredients for success in life. I like free stuff, we all do! (naija people, shey who no like awoof!), so I get all mine from that Rich Man upstairs who remains the greatest philanthropist of all times! Better go get yours!