Thursday, April 24, 2008

How beautiful you are O Lord

Today I arose and joy filled my heart, starring out the window, I thought "wow simple beauty", and every where as I go today, I see his beauty in the simplest things, the bare trees post winter who are eager to bear fruit, the rays of the sun a taste of the warmer months ahead. These thoughts came to mind, and I wrote them below...

How beautiful you are O Lord, you created this world,
who made man with a breath unto clay.
How beautiful you are O Lord should be our cry
everyday at our reflection in the mirror.
How beautiful you are O Lord.
Simple words, profound praise,
The essence of beauty,
Beautiful you are in Holiness.

Listen to this song How Beautiful by Twila Paris

My prayer is that today you take time to reflect and remember how beautiful your Creator is, and how beautiful He has made you to be, as you listen to the song and pay attention to the lyrics.
Remain blessed!