Sunday, September 16, 2007

I died and went to Heaven

If you had just 7 days in Heaven, what would you do?
what questions would you ask?
who would you want to see?
what happens when you realize the one you thought would be there isnt?
As you enter God's Big House, what thoughts would fill your mind?
What would you say as you watched your loved ones from above?
What would be your 1st request?

So many questions, and you arent alone, many times I've wondered about Heaven, and mostly it was to escape a certain problem I was facing at the moment, thinking in Heaven it wont be like this, like would be "so much easier". That was till I realized that I've 365/366 days a yr in Heaven everyday here on earth! Crazy you are probably thinking, how can we find Heaven when there is so much negativity and craziness in this world, where poverty, disease, war and crime all reign supreme. Yes my dear friends, in the midst of all that, Heaven still exists, and thats because Heaven lies within you. We all believe God=Heaven right? So what happens when you invite Him in, and He takes off His shoes, and gets comfy in your soul, and makes His bed. We know the phrase "Home is where the heart is". So if you bring Him into your heart, and He makes it His home, then it makes sense that its Heaven right?

Really think about it, you really dont have to wait till eternity to ask all the questions you would in Heaven. You can start today, spill your guts out to Him, your worries, concerns, your fears. In the midst of the chaos that exist in this world, you can be in Heaven wherever you go. You can be at peace, you can find joy, love, wealth all within because you are in Heaven. My friends say I smile too much, many wonder why I can still laugh when I'm standing in a burning flame sometimes, but one thing they dont understand is that yes it hurts, yes it burns but only for a sec because then I remember exactly where I am in...HEAVEN, and then I join the angels in singing and rejoicing and praising His name. I bring out Heaven and I experience all the joys and heavenly promises here on earth.

David said it best in Psalm 27: 13
"I am still confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the Lord
in the land of the living."

Your 7 days in Heaven starts today, and continues every week, but 1st have you invited Him in?