Sunday, August 26, 2007

Today I became a slave...

Today I became a slave…a slave to Christ. I became born again at the age of 11, though I never really understood the true meaning till my later teen yrs, infact I think I did it multiple times over the years before it really sunk in and even then I never surrendered 100% to Christ, on some days it was 85%, sometimes 95% and I’m sure even sometimes barely 70% (in my eyes, to God it was probably 5%), but today I know even 99% is not enough. My body is His temple, so I will not abuse it or put it through any harm. My mouth speaks to His glory so I will not defile His name by letting anything spill out of it. Today I gladly give up the world’s “freedom” for Christ’s shackles. I lay myself down for Him to use to fulfill His purpose for my life. I will not try to force anything, or fight a losing battle, I will make it a daily battle and remember to raise up my hands and surrender. He loved me first, He loved me before my parents even knew I existed, He knows my finish line before I even decided to run the race, so I give up…God you win, I give up! I am on day 10 of the purpose driven life and in the past week, I feel renewed, my soul is lifted and I feel that feeling inside that happens when you are in love, that tingling within when you miss the person, when you want to be in their presence. I’m in love with God and it has me excited, I know that the blessings He has in store for me in my life are tremendous and that it is more than I can. Paul knew this all too well for 1 Corinthians 2:9 says “Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, no mind has conceived, what God has prepared for those who love Him”. Ephesians 3:20 also says God is able to do exceedingly more than we can ever ask or imagine.

Today I told God that if there is any problem or negative situation that has to happen in order for Him to fulfill His glory and purpose in my life, He should not take it away! Even the situation I am going through now, I thank God for the trials and tribulations of recent times because I know it is done to fulfill your purpose in my life. For it is written in 1 Peter 1: 6-7 and I know that all this is happening so that my faith which is worth more than gold may be proven genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor to God. I know He is smiling as He is seeing as I am handling it, as my faith is going through the fire, He is pleased with me, and that gives me great joy because it means I am on the right path towards the fulfillment of His purpose for my life. To you reading, I say let go, and let Him take control, it is obvious that your own efforts are in vain, you shed tears every night, you are hurting to no avail, so go ahead and give up, He’s just waiting. If you had been jobless for years and I tell you I have an open well-paying position in my company and all you have to do is fill out the application and turn in your resume and you’ll get the job, will you do it, or will you tell me, the owner of the company “No I don’t trust you, I will not apply”. Sounds silly doesn’t it?

If you need further confirmation, before you sleep tonight, ask Him to reveal Himself to you. If you doubt that He is God, if you doubt that He created the heavens and earth and everything within, if you doubt that He is real, get on your knees and cry out to Him in faith.

“Lord, I am hopeless and weak, you said you take glory in our weakness because it is then that your mighty power is revealed. Show yourself strong, I need to hear from you, I want to hear from you. I know I have tried, but my best is not enough, so I give it to you, I confess my sins so mold me into your miracle. When I awake I want to be a new person in you, I want supernatural encounters to happen in my life starting today.”

Ask Him in faith, and I guarantee you even the blessings of that next day will be a start of your testimonies of Him working in your life. I can confidently say that if after you do that, He doesn’t respond, go ahead and discredit everything I have written. Yes I am that confident in just how great and mighty He is like that. He loves you completely, and wants to bless you like He did Noah. He is THE reason and the best CEO. Even as I go through the fire right now, I cannot wait to see the end results. I am like a shareholder eager to see my company release its end of the year report! Only this time around, my company is owned by the Big and the Strong, the Powerful and the Great…God! To think I never invested a dime in the company, He did the work for me and you by investing His son. You own shares too, when I picked up my share certificates, I saw yours with your name on it, all that is waiting is for you to claim it.

“I die everyday” (1st Corinthians 15:31), at the break of each dawn, I will take up the cross and follow because it is the best way I can thank my God!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Tough times, but victory is mine

Like many others, I have encountered challenging and trying moments especially recently, but I am thankful because my faith has grown, and is at the level where even I feel now that I can walk on water. Though I have to be careful and not be like Peter and have doubts, least I start to sink. (Matthew 14)
I realize the power I have in me, and the authority God has given me through Christ Jesus (Luke 10:19), and Psalms 91 shows me that nothing can harm me. Like David, I can now face my Goliaths daily knowing that God has gone ahead of me and fought and won the battle for me. I call things that arent as though they are because that proves the existence of my faith. I pray without ceasing because 2 Thessalonians tells me to, and being a child of God, I've my garment of righteousness, and James 5 says that the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. So like Job I decree what I want(Job 22:28) here on earth and it is written in the books in heaven!!! Yes now that is Faith and the power I have in my God, and which you have to if only you can believe! When I pray I know I will have what I want (Mark 11:24) because God has good plans for me (Jeremiah 29:11), so I continue to read His word daily because there is life in it, and it fuels my soul, and because faith comes by hearing and hearing comes from the Word! Today I am a stronger woman of faith than I was yesterday so I get even closer to seeing His glory and miracles take effect in my life!
There is fire burning around me but I'm dancing like David, happy and content because in due time, my harvest season will be here and others will understand the real reason for my "madness"